The use of our website is always accompanied by certain rights and obligations, which are defined in our General Conditions (which include: our General Conditions of Sale, our Privacy Statement, our Disclaimer and our Cookie Statement) and / or clearly stated on the site.

These General Conditions apply both to us, Redclear (owned by SDIC srl), but also to you, the User. By using our website, you expressly acknowledge and agree that our General Conditions are the only ones applicable to any order placed on our website.

Derogations are possible in exceptional cases. Such exemptions are only valid insofar as they are accepted and confirmed in writing by all the parties, and only replace or supplement the clauses to which they relate. All the other provisions of these General Conditions remain, in any event, fully applicable.


Website redclear.eu is an initiative of:

SDI Consulting srl (cf. “SDIC”)
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Company number (VAT-BE) 0465.688.486
E-mail: info@redclear.eu

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. When communicating with Redclear, please include your order number and any other relevant information you have on hand, so that we can provide you with a prompt and adequate response.


2.1 / Registration

If you are a legal entity, the creation of an individual user account is required to make a purchase through our online ordering method. Each user receives a limited right of access, use and display of the website and its content (in short, a right of use) through his User account. The effective scope of the right of use depends on the capacity of the User. The right of use is granted in the form of a limited, revocable, non-exclusive and non-transferable license. This license does not give the user the right to sell, republish, redistribute, transmit or license the underlying database, website or content.

The User account is made accessible after completing our online registration process. The User must complete our registration procedure in a complete and correct manner. His User data must be completed in a correct, truthful, timely and complete manner. This obligation applies both when creating a User profile and for future use. It is and remains the sole responsibility of the User to (allow) correct or delete information which is no longer up to date.

Each User profile is strictly individual, personal and confidential. You cannot transfer the User profile to third parties without the express permission of Redclear. The User is exclusively responsible for all acts performed by means of his User profile and must also ensure the confidentiality of his User profile, including identification information. Any breach of confidentiality must be reported to Redclear so that appropriate action can be taken.

WARNING: It is absolutely forbidden to violate the confidentiality of the User profile. Name theft (article 231 of the Penal Code), falsification of information technology (article 210bis §1 of the Penal Code), damage to honor and reputation (article 443 and 453bis of the Code criminal) and other forms of identity fraud are punishable offenses.

2.2 / End of the right of use

The right of use is granted for an indefinite period; except for modifications related to the mutual relationship between the User and Redclear. Both the User and Redclear can terminate the right of use at any time. The User terminates his right of use by interrupting his use and / or by deleting our (mobile) applications. However, such termination does not automatically result in the deletion User profile

If the User wishes to delete his User profile, he must exercise his right by means of a written and dated request to Redclear, by mail or by email to info@redclear.eu. Redclear undertakes to forward your request within fifteen (15) working days.

Redclear reserves the right to take all reasonable and appropriate measures if the User acts contrary to the conditions of use and the commitments of which he was aware, as well as to acts contrary to compliance with applicable laws, third party rights or commonly accepted rules of conduct on the Internet. Redclear retains a wide margin of maneuver regarding the corrective and repressive measures it can take, as well as the scope of these. Consequently, Redclear offers the possibility of a temporary and / or permanent suspension of the right of use (or of certain functionalities thereof) as well as of a deletion of the User profile.


3.1 / Operation, safety and accessibility

Rest assured, we provide you with a website that is easy to use and secure for all users. We take all reasonable and necessary measures to ensure the proper functioning, security and accessibility of our website. However, we cannot offer absolute guarantees in this regard; the said measures are analyzed as obligations of means.

Any use of the site is always done at your own risk. This means that we cannot be held responsible for damages resulting from malfunctions, interruptions, errors or other harmful elements on the site, regardless of the existence of a case of force majeure or a foreign cause.

We have the right at any time to restrict and / or partially or totally interrupt access to our website, even without prior warning. In principle, we only do this if the circumstances justify it, without this constituting an absolute condition.

3.2 / What about the content available on our site?

We largely determine the content available on our website. We take the greatest care and make every effort to distribute quality information on the website. This means that we take all necessary measures to keep our website as complete, accurate and up to date as possible, even when the information is provided by third parties. We are always allowed to modify, add or delete the content of our website.

However, we cannot guarantee the quality of the information disseminated on our website. It is therefore possible that this information is not exhaustive, or not sufficiently precise and / or useful. We are not responsible for any damages (direct or indirect) suffered by the User as a result of the information published on our website.

Suppose that some of the content accessible on our website constitutes a violation of applicable laws and / or a violation of the rights of third parties, or is simply not acceptable, we ask that you please notify us as soon as possible. , so that we can take appropriate action. Thus, we can proceed with a partial or total withdrawal of the information concerned.

Our website contains content that can be downloaded. Any uploading of content to the site is always done at your own risk. We cannot assume any responsibility in this regard. Thus any loss of data and any damage to the computer system are entirely and exclusively the responsibility of the User.

3.3 / What we expect from our Users

The User also assumes a certain responsibility for the way in which our website is made available. You must at all times refrain from acts that may have a harmful impact on the proper functioning and security of the site, and on the use of it. Our website, for example, cannot be used to circumvent our business model and / or to collect information on a large scale about other Users.

We therefore encourage you not to use our website to distribute content that could harm other users, for example by transmitting harmful programs such as computer viruses, Trojans, worms, time bombs or canceling robots. It also covers the sending through the site of unsolicited messages and / or of a commercial nature by, such as spam emails, spam or from letters to chains.

We reserve the right to take all necessary measures, both judicial and extra-judicial, likely to provide redress not only to us, but also to our Users. The User is solely personally and fully responsible for his actions when they cause actual damage to the website and to other Users. In this case, he holds Redclear harmless and guarantees it against any subsequent claim.


Our website may contain hyperlinks or point in any other way to other websites or other forms of electronic portals. The insertion of such a link does not in any way imply the existence of any relationship between Redclear and the owner of the website to which it is referred, nor does it imply our (implicit) approval of the content therein find.

We have no control over these third party sites. The links to these sites can not therefore engage our responsibility for the adequate and secure operation of the link and the final destination. As soon as you click on the link, you leave our site and can therefore no longer hold us responsible if any damage should occur.

The guarantees offered by third-party sites are not the same as ours. We therefore recommend that you carefully read the Terms of Use and the Privacy Statement of these other sites.


All creativity deserves protection, so our website and its content too. This protection is ensured by intellectual property rights and is intended for all the Parties concerned, namely Redclear or SDIC  and third parties. The content very broadly includes all photos, videos, audio fragments, texts, ideas, notes, drawings, articles, etc. listed on the site. This content is protected by copyright, software law, database law, design law, and all other applicable (intellectual) property rights. The technical nature of our website is also protected by copyright, software law and database law. All the trade names that we use on our websites are protected by trade name law or by trademark law.

Each User is granted a limited right to access, use and display our websites and their content. This right is granted on a non-exclusive basis; it cannot be transferred and can only be used in a strictly personal and non-commercial context. We ask our Users not to use and / or not to make any changes to the intellectual property rights described in this article without the prior authorization of the beneficiaries.


The information you provide is necessary for the processing and completion of orders, as well as for the drafting of accounts and warranty contracts. If this data is missing, the order will inevitably be canceled. The transmission of incorrect or false personal data constitutes an infringement of these General Conditions. The personal data of the Purchaser will be processed exclusively in accordance with the Privacy Statement in force. This can be viewed on the Redclear website.


We reserve the right to modify, add, limit or discontinue the website and related services. We are free to do so at any time, without prior notice, and without giving rise to any compensation or other form of compensation.

If we notice a violation of our General Conditions on the part of the User, we also have the right to take all possible sanction and repair measures. We are therefore always entitled to remove or modify your content, in whole or in part, or to deny you access to the site and your profile page. We are authorized to do so without cause and without notice. Such measures can never engage our responsibility, nor give rise to any form of compensation.

These General Conditions (including the General Conditions of Sale) are exclusively governed and interpreted in accordance with Belgian law. All disputes related to or arising from Redclear’s offers or contracts concluded with it, are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the judicial district where Redclear has its registered office.

In the event that the existence or validity of one or more of the above provisions is compromised, this fact will have no effect on the validity of the other clauses of this agreement. We have, in such a case, the right to replace the inapplicable clause by a provision valid in law and of similar scope.

The titles we use in our legal documents are always illustrative. You cannot give them any legal value.


Let it be clear, our website is intended to be user-friendly and easy to use. We are therefore counting on your help to help us improve our site. Do not hesitate to send us your questions, suggestions or remarks by e-mail at the address info@redclear.eu.