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This elastic weight training band Redclear yellow (low resistance) will suit the advanced athlete, the beginner athlete, and the Yoga practitioner. Lightweight and portable, exercise at home, at work, or at your club!

Redclear resistance band models are useful for all sports: for warming up, for the development of explosive force, for rehabilitation, or for stretching. Use them for to reinforce shoulders, arms, legs, chest, upper back and wrists, and limit injuries ! Develop your muscles with few joint constraints!

The bands are available in 5 lengths: 1.5 meters (more for upper body exercises), 2.5 meters (the most versatile to perform all the exercises), 5 meters (to build up a small stock and cut the bands to length required), 10 and 25 meters (rather for professionals and resellers)

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Elastic weight training band – Level 1 of 7 (yellow) – 100% Latex
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